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Here Are Some Of Services We Offer

Morgue services

Preparing the deceased for transportation to and from the morgue Taking out of the room to a special car for transportation to the morgue Transportation of the deceased to the morgue Storage in cold chambers, where the temperature is maintained no more than + 2 degrees Celsius Body sanitization Hygienic body treatment Body Deodorization Washing, dressing in clothes, shaving, postmortem make-up using high-quality cosmetic products If necessary, embalming to preserve the body for a long time. The embalming body prevents the process of de-structuring Placing in the coffin .

Dental care

Each dental care plan includes three basic services including preventive dental care services, basic dental care services as well as major dental care services. Generally, every dental insurance policy covers most of the preventive services, fewer basic services and the least amount of major services.

Optic care

Vision Care is dedicated to serving your optical needs and providing the highest quality eyewear for every style and budget. Not only in terms of visual correction, but also in terms of their style and fashion. We make sure that your choices enhance your personality and lifestyle whilst providing exceptional quality compatible with any type of specific medical requirements. Our friendly and professional staff will guide you through the various options and provide advice and solutions which can combine your lifestyle needs with your optical needs so that your needs are met

Outpatient services

Outpatient services are generally provided in a clinic setting, where patients are not formally admitted to hospital and do not stay overnight. Patients can consult specialist medical practitioners, have tests or other procedures, or be provided with allied health, such as physiotherapy, psychology or podiatry, or specialist nursing care.

Inpatient services

means services rendered to a person who is admitted as an inpatient to a hospital. “Medical record” means a record in which the medical service provider records the subjective findings, objective findings, diagnosis, treatment rendered, treatment plan, and return to work status and/or goalsand impairment rating as applicable.


Antenatal-care a pregnant mother receives before birth”, and involves education, screening, counseling, treatment of minor ailment, and immunization services. Postnatal services: it comprises of care given to women after birth and includes: physical examination, immunization, family planning, health education on mother and baby care, treatment and counseling services. Maternal health: refers to the well being of a mother during pregnancy and after birth.

Nutrition counselling/Diet plan

Nutrition counseling is a two-way interaction through which a client and a trained counselor interpret the results of nutrition assessment, identify individual nutrition needs and goals, discuss ways to meet those goals, and agree on next steps.

Education Afya

Edu Afya is a comprehensive medical scheme for all public secondary students covering all students captured under the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) and registered with NHIF.


action or set of actions undertaken in or organised by a pharmacy, delivered by a pharmacist or other health practitioner, who applies their specialised health knowledge personally or via an intermediary, with a patient/client, population or other health professional, to optimise the process of care, with the aim to improve health outcomes and the value of healthcare."


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